3 Ways to Attract Chinese Women Online

By | September 27, 2013
Find a right way to date beautiful Chinese girls on Chnlove.com!

Find a right way to date beautiful Chinese girls on Chnlove.com!

Today, the Internet makes it easier than ever before to date someone from another country. There are various Chinese dating sites where you can find some of the world’s hottest Chinese women. But how do you approach and attract Chinese women online? Here are a few tips for you.

1.Take some time to write a genuine and attractive profile.

A good profile is the first step to finding success in international dating. Be honest and stay true to yourself, because honesty is a quality highly valued by Chinese women. Write a unique personal description and let your personality shine. The only way to separate you from the mass of read-alike profiles is the approach you take when writing your profile. So write something which you think would be interesting and unique about yourself. When Chinese women read men’s profiles, they look for humor, honesty, self-assurance (not arrogance) and a variety of interests. Lastly, make sure to include several recent photos showing your best. Never post even semi-naked photos. Post a photo which is truthful and sends out the right message.

2.Be honest and sincere in your correspondence.

Many Chinese girls are very shy during dating and prefer that you do the chasing. So it’s important that you make the first move and send her the first email. You want to know about her, and to give her a good impression of you, right? So the single most important thing at this stage is to keep your English as simple as possible. Although English is taught at school in China, it is difficult for most Chinese women to understand long complicated English sentences! So use only simple words and short sentences. Avoid slang, dialect, jokes or colloquial expressions which may be hard for non-native speakers to understand.

Start the email to her with her first name and be sure to spell it correctly! Remember that in China, the surname is written before the first name. Use the information in her profile to compliment her and to explain why you are interested in her. It’s important to let her know that you have read her profile carefully before making the decision to contact her. Tell her about yourself: be sincere and open. Most Chinese women are interested in finding serious relationships instead of “casual flings”. So make sure you show that you’re looking for the same thing too.

3. Learn the basics about Chinese culture and Chinese language

To impress and attract a Chinese girl, you need to reassure her by showing you have some knowledge about China and Chinese culture. A cross-culture relationship may not always be easy due to the inevitable cultural and language barriers. She will definitely prefer to find someone who is interested in and knows about her culture. If you’re able to speak some Chinese, this will be a big plus. If you can’t, at least learn some basic Chinese greetings to show your sincerity.

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