A Match Made in Heaven – Jane & David

By | October 8, 2014
ChnLove Happy Couple - Jane & David

ChnLove Happy Couple – Jane & David

Jane & David are one of our happy couples in July. I have to say that they are perfect match to each other, no matter in appearance, spirit and heart. Just like what David says: “Love has no boundaries as long as you love each other!

How did they meet on ChnLove.com?

David started to contact Sufen(his wife now) on 7th, January 2013. Love sparkles between them as they further knew each other. Reaching the great success together with Sufen, David totally sent out 35 EMF Mails.

Like every couple, they fell in love with each other gradually from the daily share. After several months contact, they decided to meet in Shenzhen on 20th , April 2013. They got along well with each other; what is more, Sufen invited David to visit her home during the meeting. The journey left both of them a very good memory!

With 1-year communication and understanding, David are very sure that Jane is the perfect match for him, so he proposed and they got married in Maryland, USA on 3rd, July 2014.

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