An Objective ChnLove Review: Who Has More Married Couples?

By | January 21, 2013

ChnLove Review

If you’re considering Chinese women for marriage, then you’ve probably been thinking about the big international dating site There is plenty of information available on them, some good and some bad, so who should we believe? To help shed some light on this issue, I’ve condensed the key points here into an objective analysis and review:

First, statistics show that members on overwhelmingly had a successful experience, meaning that they found their ideal match, while only a handful of members reported a bad experience on the site. It looks like ChnLove’s success rate is statistically much higher than the success rate for the dating game in general, but how can that be?

Actually, it makes perfect sense. Simply look at the fact that members using ChnLove get the added benefit of support and dating guidance from relationship experts. Local agencies can serve as catalysts for members’ in the dating process, helping their relationship grow and succeed. Don’t forget that the matchmaking industry in China has a very strong tradition and is very well respected. So in this regard, it’s not surprising at all that couples with extra guidance and support tend to be more successful that those without any help.

The next key factor about ChnLove’s high success rate is directly related to their process for profile selection and verification. ChnLove has a series of quality assurance controls and regulations for ladies who want to post their profile on the site through an agency. The process can take some time, and involves a lot of paperwork and document checks and approvals. So ladies who are not totally serious decide that it’s too difficult to continue and simply give up. As a result, the profiles which do get listed are from ladies who are sincere and eagerly looking for their foreign partner.

Next, we need to take some of the negative reviews with a grain of salt. For example, if someone has a painful breakup or is unable to capture the heart of his dream girl, he may be angry and try to vent that anger by writing an angry review. By contrast, when people find the love of their life, they are just happy to live their lives and often forget to go back and write a positive ChnLove review. So I found that even though the unhappy users are actually quite few, they tend to have the louder voices.

All in all, if you’re interested in beautiful Chinese girls for marriage, then ChnLove is a great bet. They have tens of thousands of great ladies, and a top-notch support team. Good luck to all you guys out there, hope you find your dream girl soon!

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