What Do Beautiful Chinese Women Seek From Their Men?

By | December 5, 2012
beautiful Chinese women from ChnLove.com

What Do Beautiful Chinese Women Expect From Their Future Partner? -Wendy From ChnLove.com

When you read this article, we believe you are also one the guy who is interested in beautiful Chinese women. If you are serious in pursuing a long-term relationship, you should know what qualities of a man are most important in the ladies’ eyes. Despite different ladies may have different image of their future husband in heart, Chinese women tend to have, more or less, similar expectations from their partners in general.

1. Mutual understanding is important when dating Chinese girls.

Like most other women from across the globe, Chinese women want their partners to understand them. This not only includes fulfilling their need to feel protected and sheltered but also their feelings about family and friendship and their attitude towards social relationships etc. women in general tend to seek companionship and social connectivity much more than men. While this does not mean that the men desirous of dating Chinese ladies need to be exceptionally social and outgoing, it definitely requires them to adapt a more tolerant attitude towards their familial and social obligations and commitments.

2. You need to give your Chinese girlfriend a feeling of security.

The security here does not merely refer to the physically protection when the woman is in times of danger or trouble. Chinese ladies also expect their future husband will bring them financial security. A survey by the All-China Women’s Federation found that 70% of Chinese women want a husband who owns a house, and almost 50% of women think economic power is the most important factor in a marriage. Don’t think these women are gold-diggers. Actually this expectation is not new in China. Traditionally, when a woman marries, she enters into the man’s family. Because she leaves behind her familial ties, giving herself over to a new life, she expects to be cared for – and it becomes the husband’s responsibility to support his family. This responsibility entails a man protecting and providing for his partner. Chinese culture places a high value on a man’s ability to be the breadwinner, and so Chinese women tend to be attracted to men who have good jobs with decent salaries.

3. Always be honesty when dating Chinese women.

Chinese women do want financial security. But increasingly, they don’t always want it exclusively through marriage. Many women are financial independent today and they pay more attention to other qualities in men. Honesty is a quality that is highly respected in the China society. When I say honest I mean being honest about everything. If your partner asks you ‘who were you calling just now?’ You can just tell her the truth- ‘A female colleague asked me something about the business trip tomorrow’.  Answers like ‘It’s none of your business’ or ‘Why did you eavesdrop my call’ will make the lady feel sad. And it may become the origin of your future quarrel. Therefore getting into a habit of being honest about everything, you will get more respect and gain more trust.

Understanding these basic facts can help men to not only get a deeper insight into the psyche of their Chinese dating partners, but also in strengthening their bond with the ladies and enjoying a truly blissful long term relationship with them.

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