I Found My China Marriage Through Internet Dating

Marriage comes unexpectedly for some people and they never imagine the one they marry to would be her or him. And for me, I never thought that I would get married, let alone a Chinese wife. This is my personal story of how I met my wife and fell in love with her, and got together at last after going over quite a lot of obstacles.

The start of my China marriage

China marriage

My happy China marriage

Before I turned to my forty-three, I loved to travel around to other countries for the purpose of experiencing the different culture and customs. You know, it is usually a dream of young people to go outside for adventure. So at that time I did not have a stable job, a settled home and of course a stable relationship. At the age of forty-three, I had an serious car accident when I was heading to a down town in Bangkok, Thailand. I had been in bed for about four months before I could get off bed and freely walked on the floor. During that period, I felt the loneliness deeply and found that I was also a man who needed a wife to stand beside me. Therefore, after I got out the hospital, I began dating women who were introduced to me according to my friends, brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it out. Then one day Ted, a young man living next to me, told me to try Internet dating online. He said it was popular among young people and it did work. Although I was skeptical at first, I searched online and found a good Chinese dating site, then signed up for free to begin my Chinese dating. And about one month later I met Lisa, my beautiful wife. She was the one who began our first talk. I did not have strong feeling for her, and she did not make any pushes on me. She just shared her hobbies, daily life and sometimes talked about her troubles in job or asked me something about foreign culture. We talked like friends at the most beginning. And through deeper communication, we found the mutual attraction happened between us. Yes, we fell in the river of love and only be saved by each other. Lucky for me to meet her online.

Obstacles that we overcame

China marriage

Happy marriage with my Chinese wife

We kept in contact with daily emails and love calls. Finally I decided to get married with her and bring her to th US. So I checked out paperwork for the Visa and I met her a few months later.
However, issues happened after the marriage. Marrying someone from different country can never avoid culture shocks. We had a different cuisine. This may not seem like a big deal but American food and Chinese food is totally different. It was difficult to cook if families had different taste for food. But fortunately I began to love Chinese cuisine and Lisa enjoyed bread and milk after a short time.
Americans like to use expressions and she was clueless about things we say all the time. It will drive you crazy if someone kept asking you what does that mean or why do you American’s do this. Because it is normal for us to say and do this or that. So it is another different culture’s tradition between us. However, I have been getting used to this and she asked less than before. She is better in English now.
There are still some troubles happened because of the cultural difference, but what should I say? We still felt the deep love and happiness together. So we would keep on our hard-won foreign marriage and always be partner of each other in life.

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