Why Do Chinese Women Like to Marry Western Gentlemen Nowadays?

Chinese women

Modern Chinese women have a trend to marry western men.

Why more and more Chinese women tend to find their true love among western gentlemen nowadays? In Chinese ladies’ eyes, western gentlemen would be more sincere and tolerant, focusing more on inner hearts of ladies rather than external factors.

For ladies over 30s in China, they would be regarded as “leftover ladies”, with a ironic sense of abandon. Actually, some of these ladies still have pretty appearances and have achieved remarkable achievements in work, they are independent economically and ideologically. While people tend to be disgusted with their “old” ages rather than admire their excellent ability. They prefer young girls with beautiful faces and green vigor. Different from traditional Chinese men, western gentlemen seems to admire this kind of ladies, regarding them as charming and mature with rich experiences. They would feel more excited about their interests, hobbies or characteristics, that is, they focus on the ladies themselves. Age is not a problem a bit for them. So more and more highly educated ladies with high income turn their eyes to western gentlemen.

Western gentlemen is also popular with Chinese ladies who are divorced. Once married, Chinese women would be granted a stereotype as a good wife and a good mother. They have to devote themselves to taking care of their husbands and children, even parents from two sides, without having time to realize their own pursuit. Once they are divorced, apart from bearing hardship from previous unsuccessful marriage, they have to suffer from people’s strange eyes. Bounded by unwritten society constraints in China, it’s not easy for them to find their Mr. Right again. Nowadays, thanks for development of Internet, Chinese ladies have a chance to know more about western gentlemen and they are surprised to find that western gentlemen would be more tolerant about this. They simply like to find someone sincere, pure, and most importantly, who love them and can live a happy life with them. They believe that the only bond between ladies and gentlemen is love but not other things. Ladies would feel themselves as a dearest baby of their gentlemen rather than an aggrieved married woman in a complicated family.

With reasons above, more and more Chinese ladies turn themselves to western gentlemen. Chinese ladies are sweet, apprehensive and sensitive. Western gentlemen are intelligent, passionate and open-minded. Many successful stories has been generated therefrom.

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