My Chnlove Club Experience: How to Choose from All These Ladies?

By | April 17, 2012

Chnlove Club is a dating website for western men to find a Chinese wife. When I registered as a member on Chnlove Club two years ago, I didn’t expect to find so many beautiful women there. There is no end to the interesting possibilities. Not only are these ladies attractive and intelligent, but also possess some rather unique qualities not found elsewhere on other dating services, making them ideal as marriage partners. But how can you make a wise choice from all those lovely ladies? Here are some suggestions based on my own experience.

Chnlove club

Lovely Chinese Girl from Chnlove


Chnlove Club Dating Tips: Pay Attention to the Age Difference

First of all, it is advisable to focus on the ladies close to your age. Chinese women tend to look a lot younger than they are and they will no doubt meet men their own age when they get to your country. So you have to take the risk of them finding a younger man. Of course, the sinceity for the relationship should be the deciding factor, despite the age difference.

Look at What is Written in Their Profiles

Sometimes you have to pull your eyes away from the dazzling photos for a moment and look at what is written in the ladies’ profiles. Many of the profiles are romantic fluff that reveal nothing about the girl herself. Others are definetly written by the girls themselves and show personality and character. More important than anything else I look at a girl’s adaptability. Things like has she traveled outside of China before? Has she even had contact with Westerners before? The girl you are talking to may be perfect in China but when removed from her element not be able to handle it and that will bring big troubles.

Ask Carefully-chosen Questions in Your E-mails

You have to be honest with yourself and be absolutely sure what you are looking for. Once you have established this, you then have to read the ladies’ e-mails carefully and try to ascertain what they are looking for. Once you get into correspondence, this is not difficult to do. Be honest with them about yourself, and ask them carefully chosen questions. Their answers can be quite revealing; and alsways bear in mind the vast cultural differences between occidentals and orientals. I found my fiance in the second person I contacted. I asked about her goals and priorities, which are very important. You need to discuss these serious matters with your lady in many details. If she is genuine she will not be offended.She will be happy you asked for her opinion for both of you. How she responds to the serious questions will show you how genuine she really is. Remember that no answer is wrong. It will be her opinion of what she wants. This is where you decide if she meets yours hopes.

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