Review: Traditional Family Values for Chinese Women

By | April 17, 2012

Traditional Chinese Beauty is one of the largest Asian dating sites. Personally I have always had a thing for traditional Chinese women, and I am now happily married to one, thanks to 5 years of being around the Chinese community have taught me much about the differences between eastern and western views on marriage and family. One thing you need to know about Chinese women is the importance of family first and foremost.

Chinese Women on Filial Piety to Parents

In Eastern cultures generally, family is everything, and parents can ask and when they do ask they often get. Before you get engaged to a Chinese woman, you should try to understand what wealth-sharing with the family means. If your girlfriend’s family is poor or just demanding, then you will be expected to pay. The more she or he family think you have, the more you will be expected to help out! I’ve been very fortunate to have a Chinese friend who explained to me about the Chinese culture. He and I have spoken about what I should expect from my Chinese fiancee with regards to wealth sharing, with him telling me that her family will expect me to pay a sum of money for marrying her. This is to make up for the loss of money that she would contribute to the family if she remained single. I discussed this matter with my girl and we came to an alternative arrangement. I offered that once she came to the US and we married, and she began working , we would transfer some money to her mother each month to help her live on. Her mom was agreeable and happy with this arrangement.


Chinese Women on Dedication to Husband and Children

Many Chinese women have fairly conservative upbringings which turn them into a very traditional and family-oriented lady. They are very faithful, considerate and tolerant, and will make good wives and good mothers. Many of the Chinese women may not be as forthright about telling you “I love you” openly, but you will know it by the little things they do FOR you. My girl washed my clothes, by hand, in the sink every night without me saying anything to her. If they truly love you, they will treat you like a king. All they want is for you to love, respect and protect them. Most of these girls do not have many possessions, but they are just as happy as can be. Treat them good with love and respect and you will come to know happiness and a way of life you will never have with an American woman!

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