ChnLove Dating Tips: How to Keep Your Relationship Fresh?

By | October 14, 2012
Chnlove dating

Find Useful Tips for Successful ChnLove Date!

Almost every relationship goes through periods of boredom. You might even get tired of each other at some point. Some people may choose to end the relationship immediately because they believe there is no love between them any more. But there are some couples who have been married for 30 years but still hold hands. It will have people wondering: How do they keep their romance so hot? Actually the key to survive in a long term relationship is adding freshness and enthusiasm to your relationship constantly. How would you rate your relationship with your Chinese girlfriend on ChnLove site? Fresh enough to go on? Here are 3 tips for you to keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

ChnLove Dating Tips

Tip 1,strengthen your art of conversation when dating Chinese girls.

When you date a girl in real world, you can go for a picnic, watch an old movie together or create some pleasant surprises to retrieve the happy hours when you first fall in love with each other. Online dating doesn’t like this, the resources we could use is very limited. If you find yourself with “nothing to talk about anymore”, you may try to share some funny things that happened around yourself, even the gossip is OK. Remember, to make “sharing your day” a pleasure event, not a dreaded evil.

Tip 2, Be a good listener to your partner

There is the time when your partner will need you to be there, just to listen. You have probably heard the joke a thousand times and heard the family issue twice, so listening to your partner is not always easy. But in most cases, your lady just need a shoulder to lean on without expecting you to solve the problem for her. Making away the burden of “fixing it,” might make it easier.

Tip 3, Build dreams with your girl in China together.

Online dating will eventually step into the real world. Instead of frustrating about the endless mail exchanging, you may map out the future together, which can definitely improve intimacy, trust and promote communication. Although you will both face major challenges in your life, by keeping your dreams in focus, you can build a life just like the fairy tales – “the prince and princess have been living a happy life from now on.”

To keep your relationship fresh and exciting, start your day by thinking about one good thing about it. It can be as simple as “My relationship is great because I will meet my hot Chinese girlfriend very soon” or “My relationship keeps me happy because my lady is so tender and considerate”. Good thoughts always make a happy man, don’t they?


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