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Their Thanks to ChnLove

Thank you so much for all your help with my wife (Lirong Yao), your wonderful attitude and your great outlook for us, giving our relationship a great push!

Sophie, you have made my stay in China very good and I have been very happy with all your help.

Sophie, also special thanks to your husband who has been very helpful to me, too. Both of you made my stay in Wuhan very good.

The service of was very good for myself and my wife.

Thank you CHNLOVE.COM and a very big thank you to Sophie.



Their Love Story – Love Grows From Setbacks

Li Rong Yao is a 52-year-old lady, working as a company staff. She has divorced for many years. The American gentleman is 58 years old who has never married and had served in the U.S military for 21 years, now is retired.

The gentleman and the lady met each other via cupid note on Chnlove. The first correspondence was on September 3, 2012, exchanging a total of 171 letters. They also used other ways on this website such as Love Call, Live Chat, Gifts& Flowers.

Their first dating was in Wuhan on 2nd March, 2013. They visited many scenic spots in Wuhan happily. Due to culture difference, they had different ideas about the arrangements for their future. On the third day, the lady left the gentleman and went back to Nanjing herself. Suddenly he felt very depressed as he was planning to stay in China for a longer time. When we knew this situation, our translator helped the gentleman to find a job and a new house in Wuhan. During he worked here in Wuhan, he continued to communicate with the lady. And they have been keeping this relationship going well. The gentleman also asked for help from our agency when problems appeared.

After two months of difficult test, the gentleman has already known more about China. He had an idea of his job direction and also had better relationship with the lady. Finally, on 8th May 2013, the lady traveled from Nanjing to Wuhan and met him for the second time. At this meeting, they had a deeper communication about their own problems.

Quickly, they made an united plan for the life arrangement in Nanjing. After that, they have been living well in Nanjing happily. He found a very good job very soon.

On 19th July 2013, they got married in Jiangsu Marriage Registration Office, having got their marriage certification successfully.

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