Chnlove Happy Couple: Ms. Li and kenneth

By | October 14, 2011

Their story on Chnlove:
Ms. Li and Kenneth started their love journey in June, 2010. They talked about everything including the future in the letters. Kenneth told Ms. Li that she didn’t need to worry the life abroad, for he would take good care of her and her child.

On Jan 12, 2011, Kenneth came to meet his lady, they met at the airport and was so touched to give each other a warm embrace.

Though finally Kenneth had to leave China, he promised to come again and would marry ms. Li then.

On Sep 8, this couple registered marriage in Shijiazhuang and held the wedding. Now they would continue their love journey with everybody’s best wishes.

Their comments on Chnlove:
My most greatest gratitude to every one who helped me and xiaowei get together. I have fond memory of China. I’ve made great friends here I will cherish and never forget. My time spent here was wonderful and a learning experience. thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness you all shown me. This place in my heart, Michael, Daisy, Carrier, Mandy all was more than caring and generous to us. I am forever indebited to them all and consider them my close friends. I will miss you all.

Again thank you for everything and wish you success in the future. Hope to see you soon. Though I am leaving, there is a piece of my heart left here. God bless you all.

kenneth mamary

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