Chnlove Happy Couple: Ms. Zhang and Robin

By | October 22, 2011

Their story on Chnlove:
Ms. Zhang sent an admiration mail to Robin in January 23, and received his letter soon. After communicating for 7 and a half months, Robin came to meet Ms. Zhang and registered marriage with her in Wuhan. Then they held the wedding on Sep 8th.

Their comments on Chnlove:
Thank you for helping me find an excellent Chinese wife. The service gave me confidence from the start that the ladies they represent are genuine. It’s well-organized. Nancy who translated our emails and helped on web chats, was a delight to work with. When I came to Wuhan, Nancy was an enormous help. She helped us discuss our plans. Nancy was clear, energetic, considerate and professional. I am very grateful to the service and to Nancy in particular, Thank you!


I want to express my thankfulness to the agency and the translator who helped me find my husband. I am very happy now. Thanks so much!

– Member ID: CM1352745, Washington, United States
– Profile ID: P509761, Wuhan, China

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