ChnLove Newest Featured Couple – Andreas & Zhongmei

By | April 30, 2014

ChnLove Success Stories

Their Thanks For ChnLove:

I am thankful for all the help your agency has given me in finding my wife,zhongmei. Wish you all a wonderful christmas !

Thanks Chnlove and the agency, I found my perfect husband. Thank you ms ding, thanks for offering the single ladies a short way to find their happiness. I also want to thanks my translator, who helped me a lot to find my husband Andreas. Thank you very much!

Zhongmei Gu

How They Met And Fell in LoveĀ on

The gentleman replied the first email from the lady on Dec 17th 2011. They kept in touch and exchanged 23 mails on Chnlove They usually communicated by live chat and mails.

After they contact for four months, the gentleman came to China meet the lady in April 2012. They both felt good and got along well with each other. In those days, the lady found that the gentleman was a careful, considerate and reliable man. they decided to get married. But the gentleman did not bring the single certificate with him. So they could not get the marriage certificate. Then they planned to take some wedding photos.

They kept on communicating when the gentleman went back to his country. Their hearts ties to each other. On Dec 22th 2012 the gentleman came to China again to get married with the lady. They held a wedding in China.

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