Chnlove Review: 6 Good Questions for the First Date

By | February 26, 2014

I should say that first date matters a lot for the success of a relationship. It makes daters nervous but meanwhile expectant. Apart from the dressing, the questions you aked on the first date decide the whole. After all, what’s the best questions for the first date, The following ten tips should help you.

6 Good Questions to Ask on First Date

Online Dating Questions to AskFirst of all, ask the question: How was day?

It is a simple question but it really works. To begin with such a question, you can easily set the rolling in the following conversation. You can ask him/her the specific details prior to the meeting, so as to know about how the individual deals with stress, what he or she favors, etc.

Secondly, ask questions more specifically.

Instead of asking a general question like “What’s your favorite food?”, you can ask something more specific: “What is the best meal you have ever taken?”. If someone praise something highly, it implicates that thing does mean to her/him. You may get yourself a very entertaining story.

Thirdly, ask the question: What is your favorite drink?

It is a common question when two strangers sit down and are about to start a conversation. If you are a man, you should take initiative to ask the girl this question, so that you manage yourself to show your consideration. And it is a quite good idea to get the girl into mutual interaction.

Fourthly, choose a topic about TV Show.

When you find no topic to continue, to ask a question about TV Show could be nice. For example, which TV series/movie do you like best? Who is your favorite TV idol? This is an entertaining topic and meanwhile a topic two can easily find common interests.

Fifthly, ask: “How do you define success?”

Compared to man, women have a prejudice to ask such a question. And man and women differ a lot on defining success. Most of ma have a career benchmark he wishes to reach before a specific age. While for women, success is mostly to make a summer home with someone she loves, and then lives healthily and happily. Honestly speaking, most of women want to find a man who has an ambitious career.

Sixthly, who is the most fascinating opposite sex you ever know?

By asking this question, you could know that what’s the dreamed lover of your partner. Maybe, you currently don’t meet her requirements, but you are very clear which orientation you should walk towards. On this topic, you can ask as more specific you can. For example, further ask her/him: Why do you like him/her?

To Sum Up

Dating┬áChinese girls on Chnlove is a amazing fun. When you and your Chinese girl develop to a certain level(Time to have a first date), don’t forget to ask the questions I mentioned above. They really work!

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