Chnlove Review: Would Chinese women Prefer Tall Guys?

By | September 21, 2012


beautiful Chinese girl from Chnlove

Chnlove Review:Beautiful Chinese Girl-Vivian

Tall guys seems have all the luck – they’re statistically more likely to have high paid jobs, to breeze through interviews, to be more confident, and they’re even more likely to get the girls. Some leftover men complain that they are still single at their thirties just because of being short. Is it true that Chinese women prefer tall guys? Facing for the limit of the height which is unable to change, what can we do to chase our own happiness? This is a subject worthy to to be discussed.

Chnlove Review: Is It Possible for Chinese Women to Choose Tall Guys?

Let’s analyze it from the following aspects.

It is true that tall guys are more attractive to Chinese women.
Most of Chinese women are petite compared to Western women. They expect to marry a tall men and hope the “good gene” of the father will be inherited by their children. Also, tall men look more masculine and better able to protect their family, which make women feel more secure. Just like men will be attracted to those ladies who are beautiful with snow-white skin and long legs, women have some specific criterias in looking for their life partner as well.

Inner mind is more important when dating Chinese girls.
Taller men are more attractive in general, but it is only one of the things that girls judge when looking for a mate. Personality, education level and financial security are far more important characteristic qualities. And with the development of the relationship, outside appearance will become less important. If you are happened to be that short guy, you’d better ask yourself if you are funny, sincere and worthy to be loved by the ladies, rather than feel inferior and cynical why the ladies always choose other people. Just look at Tom Cruise, short man but being loved by millions of girls around the world.

Short guys should be more confident in Chnlove dating
To keep herself safe in a relationship, a woman may pretend to refuse the man to watch the man’s reaction when she has not been familiar with him. If you are not confident enough, you may give up as hearing such a refusal, meanwhile you may miss a chance to meet with your true love. On the contrary, those who can seize the chance and upfront the difficulties may receive unexpected result in the end.

As a man, we should have the capability of receiving refusal. Face-saving is the biggest obstacle in looking for our true love. Short guys, hurry up to take actions to pursue pretty Chinese girls now!

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