Chnlove Review: Five Keys For Better Online Dating

By | February 26, 2014

Chnlove Review

Chinese dating site

ChnLove-#1 Trusted Online Dating Site in Asia

Chnlove, one of the most popular online dating site in Asia, is created to assist the world single men to realize their dreams-seeking the perfect match in China. The unique online solutions make it stand out above other dating sites.

Though Chnlove offers all singles a great platform to hunt for love;however, to successfully date a Chinese girl is not that simple as we expected since Chinese girls are relatively shy and conservative. You need to find an effective way to go! Therefore, great tips for online Chinese dating are a must.

Dating Tips for Better Online Dating

Online Dating Tips

It is a fact that we can not deny: Online Dating does become very popular in modern society, especially among the singles who want to develop a cross-cultural relationship. That’s because online dating makes long-distance relationship become much easier. However, to reach a great success in online dating is not an easy thing to go. Sites like, eHarmony and Chemistry are billion-dollar industry. Each of them has thousands of male members join in. Then, how can you make yourself stand out beyond others? It requires you find out an effective way to go. Below tips are collected by dating experts, which really work for a better online dating.


Be honest. If you are serious in finding a lifetime partner on a dating site. This is a rule that you must bear in mind. No matter online or offline, honest people hate those guys who play games. Therefore, keep yourself away from that unless you want to play games, too. To find a perfect match online, you need to be as honest as you can. That’s to say, you have no need to exaggerate your profile. A real connection would never survive based on a foundation of untruthfulness!


Always treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Virtuous people have real feelings and hate to play games. And they are always the best selections for life partners. You may consider that it’s OK to string along them and make fun of them, or cut off all communication all of sudden in one day. That’s really evil! Today, you play games on them, but someday you may be the one who is played by others. Online dating usually form a great connection in a faster speed than offline relationship. However, it can also hurt people further.


Upload your best picture (real and latest) to your profile. I think everyone knows that a picture is worthy of a thousand words. Therefore, choose one that can perfectly represent you. A latest and good photo is what you should consider. An old picture of you which was nicely taken can represent you to some extent, but the old you. It could not get the real feeling from others towards you.


Spend more time to make a suitable profile. If you take online dating as a job interview, then the profile is your cover letter not your resume. You could not make it too concise or too complicated. Too simple profile speaks nothing about you, and a tedious and detailed may bore someone who wants to briefly know about you. You should make it unique and personalized by listing the special you.


Make the first communication special and exceptional since it is a good chance to let your personality shine through. Prohibit making a fixed model which is about to send to all girls in the first talk because it won’t work. If you’re interested in someone, take time to let her know. Try your best to let her know how special you are!


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