Chnlove Review: I Met My Girlfriend Xin Through Chnlove

By | September 5, 2012

I found My Chinese wife via Chnlove

For those who would like to have a Chinese girlfriend, I strongly recommend Chnlove! As I go through my Chnlove review even today, I still feel sweet and thankful for all I’ve obtained from Chnlove.

Chnlove Review: the agency helps a lot during the meeting with my Chinese girlfriend

I met my girlfriend Xin through the Chnlove site, we met in Beijing 6 months later after many emails exchanged. Our interpreter is also the same person who did our EMF letters’ translation, she was there at the airport with Xin. Xin and I were equally nervous, but our interpreter acted as a good friend to both of us, Xin and I became more comfortable with time. The next day we went to visit Beijing downtown, only Xin and I. It was very crowded and we were having problems with each other, an argument broke up later as we were both exasperated. Xin then called the interpreter, and things went much smoother afterwards. Eventually our relationship blossomed and during two weeks stay we became very found and close. Xin had tears in her eyes so sad to see me leave as I also missed her dearly.

My review on Chnlove: their care and dedication goes beyond my expectation

I now understand that the people who translate for Chnlove also act as matchmaker and help their Chinese ladies to better understand their correspondents. I am truly grateful that their care and dedication goes well beyond from what I have ever expected from them! By using Chnlove the Chinese ladies of your choice have much better understanding of the complexities for a culture half a world away. My advice then is to make sure that the lady you write to is the one you would like as a wife. Chinese girls are sharp and expect their future boyfriend to be both serious and interested with them. The Chinese reputation for commitment in a relation is well deserved and once a lady says she loves you she truly means it as a life long commitment.

I truly recommend Chnlove to any westerner who wish to find a Chinese girl

Indeed I recommend Chnlove to any westerner who truly in their heart and mind that wish to meet and marry a Chinese lady. Well I am closing my site here as we are planning our wedding in the coming October. Wish all good to Chnlove, and all westerners can find their Chinese girlfriends here with luck as me.

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