Chnlove Success Story: Elizi and Martin

Their story on Chnlove:
Martin sent a cupid note to Elizi on October 20. Elizi replied to him the next day, while Martin answered her immediately. They had started their communication ever since. After two months correspondence thru EMF letters, they turned to private contact by personal email and video call. They had communicated privately for four months and felt good about each other. On March 31, Martin met Elizi in China, and they felt very satisfied with each other. They got their marriage certificate a few days later. And on April 19, a wedding was held in Elizi’s hometown…

Their comments on Chnlove:
Ms Ding and Chnlove, thank you for your great job! Thru your service I found my husband Martin. I had joined different marriage making agencies, but it was your service that successfully made my dream come true! I found my husband Martin, a healthy, optismitic, kind, and nice gentleman. I remember that once Martin needed to get in touch with me, but my translator Sunny was on vocation. She made a long distance call to me to reply to Martin. On my wedding, Ms Ding took Sunny to my hometown Zixing to attend and host the wedding, I am so grateful!


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