Chnlove Success Story: Martin and Xiaoyan

Their story on Chnlove:
Martin and Xiaoyan Xiao knew each other on 25th, Jan, 2010.They loved at first sight. They intended to get marriage certificate the next day, unfortunately.Martin got the wrong single certificate. He had to go back to England and apply the single certificate again. During the time at home, he contacted with Ms. Xiao by emails, calls and messages. Love became stronger and stronger.

After he got his single certificate, he came to china and visited his lady on 13th, March. And then they got married on 16th, March.They have already submitted materials of Visa to England embassy in china this time. Martin did his best to help his wife to get visa as soon as possible. On June 17th,Lady arrived in england and start to spend happy life with her husband now.

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