Common Mistakes When Dating Chinese Women For Marriage

By | February 7, 2013

Common Dating MistakesWe all want to make a great impression on our date to win her heart. But sometimes our desire to make her happy actually ends up getting in the way! What are the most common mistakes that men make when dating beautiful Chinese women for marriage and how can these mistakes be avoided?

Mistake # 1 – Not being decisive/taking the initiative

A lot of well-intentioned men hit the stumbling block when it comes to taking the initiative. They think that as a gentleman, it is best to let the lady decide, right? Well, not exactly. Chinese women still like the man to take charge and be decisive, especially when it comes to things like choosing which movie to see or deciding which restaurant to dine at. If you leave everything to her to decide, she will feel that you don’t provide strong enough leadership and guidance in the relationship. A win-win solution? Plan ahead of time and give her a couple of choices for which restaurant to go to, that way she feels happy that you did all the planning, and she also gets to pick the option she likes best.

Mistake # 2 – Having bad table manners

Ladies always appreciate a gentleman with good manners, but having good table manners in China is not always so easy if you’re unfamiliar with local customs. There are a number of things to remember while dining with your Chinese lady if you want to give her a great impression. First, ordering food is not a group activity, generally whoever is paying will order for the group. Since you should be paying most of the time, you should take charge to order for you both. Next, it’s polite to serve food to other people, so go ahead and put some dumplings or vegetables right on her plate. The same applies to pouring and refilling tea cups. Another tip is never stick your chopsticks into your rice, because it looks very inauspicious. Finally, if you’re a notoriously bad tipper, then you’re in luck. There is no tipping at (even expensive) restaurants in China, and leaving extra money lying on the table simply looks strange.

Mistake # 3 – Choosing the wrong topics for conversation

It’s always a fine line trying to steer the conversation so that it remains lively and interesting, while not making anyone feel uncomfortable or inappropriate. Generally speaking, there are some topics which are best avoided, at least during your first several dates with a Chinese lady. First, don’t talk about past relationships, it’s culturally awkward in China for ladies to talk about their failed romances, and they don’t want to hear about yours either. Similarly, overly sexual themes are not a good choice. Politics is another hot topic best left alone. Controversial issues are also not great choices for conversation, and politics is additionally sensitive in China. For safer options, try talking about food, cultural differences or popular culture like movies, shopping or music.

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