Cook A Delicious Mother’s Day Dinner For Your Chinese Wife

Chinese marriage

happy Chinese marriage with Betty

How long have you been married with her? Do you still think that she is hot and sexy? Or have you moved on to the next stage of stable, ordinary life after marriage? Ok, no matter whether you are still in crazy love with your China lady or you two are in stable state of marriage life, you all need stimulation for some time to keep the relationship refreshed and going well along the way of life. And this big Mother’s Day is a pretty good chance to enhance the love and affection between you and your Chinese woman. You know, Mother’s Day is generally set up for honouring the unselfish dedication of mothers, but in some way it is also for the women, who pay so much to take care of her husband and the family. To give her a memorable Mother’s Day, you can make a yummy dinner for her.

Find out the favourite dishes of your Chinese wife.

Chinese marriage

Mapo Tofu in Hot Sauce, a famous Chinese dish

Before you cook the dinner, the most first thing you need to do is to find out her favourite food. Being a Chinese, she may want to eat a traditional Chinese cuisines. Then you can search some Internet websites for some Chinese recipes. Apart from that, you should pay attention to that people living in different areas in China have different taste on food that involves various cooking methods. For example, Chinese women from Guangdong pay attention to the quality, health and freshness of dishes, and the food tend to be a little sweet. Because Guangdong is located in the southern China near the seas and rivers, seafood is one of the popular dish on their table. While most Chinese ladies outside of Guangdong province love spicy food. Almost each dish is made with chilli. It is said that these chilli food makes the hot Chinese beauties. Thus you really need to work out the menu carefully and make a tasty Chinese dinner for her.
And a romantic western-style candle night is also good for her if you can handle a Chinese dinner.

Prepare it secretly and give her a big surprise.

Yes, surprise and stimulation. Do not give out any signal that reveals your big Mother’s Day plan. It is like preparing a birthday party. Once she finds out all you have done, the joy and excitement in her eyes will make you feel all that difficult houseworks worthy. She will appreciate it and give you a big romantic French kiss. And you’ll get back the amazing feeling as you are in your first love. So carry on the plan privately.

Remember a gift can perfect a dinner date.

You can buy a small gift for her. Although there so many gifts for Mother’s Day promoted on the Internet shops, for one hand it is too expensive and for the other hand she may not like it . So I think it is better for you to find out what she likes and needs, then go to real shops and buy one at reasonable price. Or you can make it by yourself. For instance, a DIY beautiful album with your memorable meaningful photos in it can be a sweet gift and remember to write down your feeling of every photo and each Chinese date with her.

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