Happy Marriage with My Beautiful Chinese Wife

Chnlove success storiesChnlove success stories

I got to know Kate through the Chnlove.com two years and nine months ago, who was also a member of the same Chinese dating site . I had been on that site talking with ladies for a long time before Ping (Kate’s Chinese name) showing up. I still remembered that strong feeling with some kind of joyfulness when I saw the naive, pure and sweet smile showing in the pictures on her profile. I am a man who believes in love at the first sight. Therefore, without a second thought, I started a chat with her in the most usual way by saying hello with a friendly smile sign. Then our romantic and happy love story gets on its way.

About a year and a half later, my dear Chinese wife moved to the United States after we got married. Though we love each other so much, we did meet some problems due to the culture differences between China and western countries. Here is an example. Kate was scared of the crowds. At the most beginning, whenever we invited friends over or were invited, she felt uncomfortable, was being tensive and wordless throughout the whole party. I couldn’t understand that before I was told that most Chinese, especially women in China, tend to be quiet and not so socialized as the westerners. Based on the realization of the culture differences, I decided to help Kate adapt to the new environment and situation here. I told her no need to be scared and just act naturally, be herself. Friends still got together for having fun, you know, as usual, but I would sit or stand beside Kate, keep her closer, make her talk more, laugh more, blend in the circle. Now she’s popular with my friends and gets along well with everyone around. Apart from the culture differences things, which are gradually shrinking, we really enjoy the life being with each other. We would like to spend a few days to get away and travel around. Last month we went back to her hometown and stayed several days with her parents, then we headed for Guilin, a famous tourist attraction with great scenery in China. Wow, it’s a so beautiful place to go and I wish I could spend the rest of my life there with Kate.

I really feel grateful to have Kate in my life. She’s so considerate, caring and positive. It’s she who makes me feel the joy of life again.

Kate, you are my soulmate and I will love you forever!

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