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As with all aspects of life, dating varies greatly across the cultures, and dating Chinese women can be very different from dating women from the West. To help you overcome the cultural barriers in the process of finding your future Chinese wife, here we have some helpful tips about how to date a Chinese girl online. Hopefully they will help you find your way to a lasting relationship.

In the first email you send her, you need to give her a good impression of you, and try to know more about her. The single most important thing at this stage is to keep your English as simple as possible. Although English is taught in schools in China and most young Chinese women nowadays have a certain level of English ability, don’t expect them to understand long complicated sentences in English! Use only simple words and short sentences. Never use slang, dialect, or jokes that are not easily understood. She can learn all that later when her English improves as she communicates with you more.

Start the email to her with her first name and make sure you spell it correctly! This can be a little confusing as, in Chinese, the surname is written before the first name. Compliment her based on the information in her profile and explain the reasons why you are interested in her. Then tell her briefly about yourself. Remember to be honest, sincere and open. To know more about her and figure out if she is your “Mrs Right”, you’ll need to ask her some questions. These may include:Why are you looking for a Western husband? Does your family approve? What do you expect from your future partner? It’s a good idea to find out her view on these serious issues at the very beginning.

As your relationship grows and deepens, it is very important that you keep in daily communication. This could be done through a dating site, by private email, or by telephone. Long distance relationships can easily fail if she is not reassured that she is always on your mind. Speak to each other about what’s going on in your everyday lives. Send a gift every now and then to show her your dedication. Flowers and chocolates are some good choices. Show commitment to her and talk about your future plans together. When the right time comes, you’ll have to make a trip to China and meet her face to face.

Building a solid relationship takes time and patience, but it is time well-spent. The better you get to know each other, the more likely the relationship will be successful in the long term.

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