How to Improve Your Online Chat With Single Chinese Girls?

By | August 29, 2013


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It is a fact of modern society-More and more people find it difficult to communicate or get along with their husband or wife, let alone the interaction between a western husband and a Chines wife. To love a peaceful and happy life, an increasing number of western men are learning the skills of how to interact with a Chinese wife during online chat or after marriage. Below tips are collected based on the actual experiences of my surrounding married oversea couples, which could certainly help you.

First, do not disturb or interrupt your Chinese girl in the communication.

Chinese women hate to be disturbed or interrupted by someone in a conversation, especially when the person refers to their lover. Therefore, you should try to remove all the exterior and interior disturbances when you are chatting with your Chinese girl. Especially in the condition that you two are at the initial communication or the English of your girl is not so good. You need to focus your all attention to listen to her, so that you can master her body language, and then understand what she has said, the feeling and meaning of her words as well.

Second, encourage your girl to start the conversation.

Franking speaking, Chinese girls are relatively shy and conservative. They usually hope the men to open the conversation on the first date. If you are a talkative person, you can do as what they expected. Suppose you are not or you have not enough understanding about Chinese women, Chinese tradition and culture, you are suggested to encourage your girl start the conversation. On that circumstance, you can lower the pressure in conversations. During the listening, you can think to create an open atmosphere that contributes to the exchange of views. Besides, your girl can express her opinions bravely by speaking, which help you to better understand her.

Third, do not chime with her thinking if not necessary.

Some people are used to interrupting other’s conversation to change a topic or correct something unimportant. This behavior is really irritating, impolite and radical. However when time is proper, you can of course express your advice or feelings, or ask some questions to the point, to let your girl know you are listening to her carefully.

Fourth, listen to the keywords when there is an language obstacle.

When there is a language obstacle between you and your girl(Maybe your Chinese is not so good or your girl’s English is poor.), try to catch her keywords as a listener. So that you can guess the words or information your girl conveys. From the keywords, you can imply her emotions and interest, and you can also know whether she believes in you or not. Additionally, keywords can assist you to decide how to reply and let her know that you have interest in what she says.

Bearing above tips in mind, you will find that communicating withs single Chinese girls are that difficult as you imaged, even though there is a language obstacle between you two. Finally, Good luck!

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