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By | April 28, 2013

Chnlove success story

Since the establishment, ChnLove has successfully assisted thousands of its members to find their perfect matches in China. And the couple I am about to introduce below is Nancy & Xander. These two entered the marriage hall in Feb 2013. They’re very pleased to share their romantic story and happiness to all.

The gentleman Xander is from USA while the pretty lady Jie Pan is from minority of Baise, Guangxi. By her friend’s introduction, Miss Pan joined in our service with a doubted heart. Luckily she found her Mr. Right after exchanged 188 letters with her gentleman. Fate is unavoidable. Miss Pan is very optimistic, kind and easy going, and she loves to make friends. She often came to our agency after work, chatted with our translators and joked with them, and checked the male’s profiles in our site. She didn’t have any feeling to any male member at the beginning. Our translator helped her to look for her suitable man patiently.

On Oct. 2, 2006, she received a wonderful letter from Xander, which cheered her a lot because she knew that he was the man she was looking for all these years. Our Translator could see that she liked that gentleman a lot, but she didn’t know much English and didn’t know how to express her feeling to the man. So our translator patiently helped Miss Pan to organize her words to express her own feeling. Miss Pan was very touched.

It was their destiny to meet and fell in love with each other. They got to know each other more and more by exchanging letters. Xander didn’t know any Chinese and he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to find Miss’s Pan’s place while he came to China. Our translator went to the airport to pick him up and took him to meet Miss Pan. They were very happy and excited to see each other, and they went shopping and visited the local architecture together. They were a little shy as it was their first meeting.

Since the language barrier, they even misunderstood that they didn’t like each other. At that moment, our translator encouraged Xander to overcome his shyness and took his courage to express his real feeling to the lady as the Chinese Ladies were more conservative. At dinner time, Xander finally took his courage and said “I like you”to Miss Pan, which made Miss Pan very happy.
They got along with each other for a few years and finally on western Valentine’s Day February 14 2013, Xander proposed to Miss Pan. Miss Pan was very surprise with great joy and movement. Xander and Miss Pan started their brand new life since that day on.

Our agency will be keen on our enthusiastic and sincere service to make you feel warm, try our best to help you finding your soul mate. We will keep moving on and improving ourselves to make our service more perfect.

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