Online Dating: What Do China Ladies Mean By Saying These?

Internet connects people all around the world, which makes cross-cultural marriages much easier and more effective and popular. Dating chinese girls is no longer that difficult for western men .  But talented as the internet is, there are still some problems existing when people dating someone from other countries. Since grown up in a non-English country, Chinese women can not handle English as well as Chinese, even though they have learned it hard at school or in some English training institutions. So sometimes western guys do not understand why these ladies say this or that? Men do not quite understand the real meaning behind her English. As a result, in order to develop a smooth relationship with China lady, I like to share my experience to tell you what these ladies mean and how they feel about you.


Hello/ Hi/ How Are You Doing?

Chinese girl

Beautiful Chinese girl

After you create an account and post your profile on a Chinese dating site, you will receive some greeting from online ladies through the live chat. This greeting is usually in the most common way “Hello “, ” Hi ” or “How are you doing?”. This is a sign of showing friendliness. Quite understandable. But if you ever have any online dating experience with Chinese girl, you may find that she will always begin the talk by saying Hi politely rather than “Hey, morning, my sweet heart.” It is the Chinese culture that make Chinese people behave courteously and keep distance at the beginning of meeting someone. So if your Chinese girl greets you by saying simple common expression, it means you two still at the first stage. You should do more to touch her heart. However, if she keep you in this stage for a long time, that mostly indicates that she’s not that into you. So you need to notice this and carry out your love plan to win the right girl.



I Miss You So Much–China Ladies Like You

Chinese marriage

Chinese singles are shy to confess love

In general, when she says I Miss You for the very first time, you can take it as ” I want to be your girlfriend, what do you think?” Yes, she has a feeling for you and really wants to develop a relationship with you but tells it in a Chinese way. If she says I Miss You So Much more and more in your conversation, man, your girlfriend is moving to the next stage of the relationship.



I Love You– She Wants To Be Your Chinese Wife

It is the final stage of Chinese dating online. I Love You and I want you to be my man. You have been already in her heart and a part of her life. She is not satisfied with just talking with you online, but is longing to sit beside you and hold your hand. Still, she does not confess this emotion by saying it directly. She gives clues. Therefore, when you hear more and more ” I Love You ” coming out of her mouth, it’s time to prepare a proposal to your Chinese girl.


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