A Pleasant Visit To My Chinese Parents-in-law

By | March 19, 2012
beautiful Chinese countryside

Green, fresh air and lovely sunshine. What a beautiful view!Last month I had a pleasant trip with Cathy in China. Cathy is my lovely wife and we met each other via a Chinese dating site, Chnlove about two years ago. Last October we got married. This pleasant trip is for her. She missed her Chinese family so much and it was going to be the birthday of her grandpa who loves and takes good care of her since she was a kid. So we decided to fly to China and pay a visit to her family.Cathy is a girl from countryside, pure, honest and straightforward. That’s why I love her. We spent hours on the road before arriving this little village far away from the city center. That was my first time I came to know what the rural area in China looked like. I would say I love it, green, fresh air and characteristic houses. Oh, people smile happily there.Big party celebrating birthday for Cathy’s Grandpa

We received a warm welcome from her family, relative, friends and villagers. So many people. They were getting together to celebrate grandpa’s birthday for one side and welcome us for the other side. Cathy, my beautiful Chinese wife, introduced me to her relatives, close friends and villagers. They smiled and kept speaking one of the most difficult language Chinese to me. Though I did not understand what they said but I could feel their friendliness to me. So I was smiling and telling them I was glad to meet them too in English. Cathy found out the language barrier and she kindly worked as my private interpreter. So we enjoyed talks with these simple people. Besides, I had learned a new game popular with Chinese. That is mahjong. Funny but it is a little difficult. Now I will often play this game with Cathy and her Chinese friends.

Chinese folks like to play mahjong!

Besides the wonderful party and merry moments with her family, we also went to some tourist attraction well known to the world like Sanya and Lijiang. Beautiful landscape!! We had a good time there. My wife said it could be taken as the honey moon since we have been busy with our wedding and Cathy’s visa and did not have time for a honey moon. I’d say it is a very sweet honey moon. I feel grateful to God. And I do appreciate Chnlove, who gives the chance to meet Cathy.

One of the tourist attraction in China, Lijiang Ancient Town

This trip lasted more than a half month. Before we going back to the U.S.A., friends and villagers came over and had a big meal together. They gave us some special local products and told us feel free to come back. Finally we said goodbye and left this beautiful Chinese countryside with joy, happiness and love.

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