Single Chinese Women

By | April 28, 2012
Chinese girl

Chinese girl

It is reported that single women are becoming more and more in Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. It is the same with single Chinese women. Many factors are responsible for this phenomenon. Some are afraid of marriage; some are waiting for romantic marriage and some other just enjoy the feeling of being single. Whether they choose to be single or not, the result has a lot to do with themselves. There are mainly two kinds of mental attitudes toward marriage in those Chinese singles. One group: Chinese girls do not meet their dream Mr Right and the other group: they enjoy their single life and them themselves choose to be single.



Most of single Chinese women belong to the first group.

Looking for their perfect match

Chinese girls want to find a perfect match for themselves, one whom they think is their dream life partner and spouse. On one hand, they are responsible for their own feelings and family.. On the other hand, it is good for men and society. Because the result is more happy endings and less tragedies.

Chinese women in cross cultural marriage

Chinese women in cross cultural marriage


No grantee for happy Chinese marriage and too much temptation

There are too many factors in marriage. In china, around single Chinese ladies, some people get married and then divorce. This kind of cases has created feelings of marriage insecurity. But they long for love and marriage. They wonder whether they can maintain long-term relationship or make sure to live happily. So they may not take the initiative in pursuing happiness and love.

Lack courage and do not dare to try again

Some singles got hurt in affections and feelings before. As a result, they do believe in love and marriage as much as before and they are afraid of getting hurt again. In their mind, they hope their marriage is unique and will never go wrong.

As a matter of fact, those who are careful in choosing life partner are fit for marriage. They have take deep considerations into marriage. They will know how to maintain happiness and will try their best for lasting marriage. They are serious in affections.For some girls even if their true love is in front of them, they will not show love easily. Therefore, if you are dating such a Chinese woman, you should take care and avoid passing near to your dream Chinese bride.


dating Chinese girls

dating Chinese girls

Few Chinese singles like single life.

They like freedom. They like the feeling of doing what they want to and do not feel like being hampered. Moreover, they are used to being alone. They travel, do exercises, read books, go shopping, surf the Internet and sing in KTV. Those Chinese girls enjoy their colorful life. For this kind of mental attitude, once they do not want single life, they are good life partner and soul mate.


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