Four Stages Dating China Beautiful Girl On Chinese Dating Site

How is your relationship with Chinese girl on Chinese dating site going? Has it reached your ideal degree? Does your relationship with your china love develop in a normal way? If not, what is the problem? Now find it out and solve and remove it together so as to lay a solid foundation for your happy Chinese marriage.

Dating Chinese women

Dating Chinese women

Four Stages with China beautiful girl in Love Journey

The normal and mature process of the growth for mature and true love consists of four Stages. They are co-dependent, counter-dependent, independent, and interdependent. The period between stages differs according to the individual and respective Stages. In addition, these four Stageshave a lot to do with your happy marriage. Therefore, carefully study the four Stagesand you can come up with good ideas to improve your relations with your girl and facilitate your love process as well.

Stage 1 Co-dependent


You have known each other well by chatting online or making love calls. Both of you take a fancy to each other and are a great attraction to each other. In this period, you are in love with each other. No matter when and where, you want to chat, meet or stay with the Chinese lady.

Stage 2 Counter-dependent


When your relation with your China woman becomes stable, there is always one who wants a little more time for himself or herself to do what he or she wants. At this moment, the other one will feel left out in the cold. Lovers during this period should take a calm attitude to the relation otherwise lovers may make a wrong decision in lifetime.

Chinese girl---Chinese bride

Chinese girl—Chinese bride


Stage 3 Independent


This is the continuation following the second Stage. Both demand more free time. It is a key period and a test for the love between you and your Chinese lady. So both of you must take it seriously.

Stage 4 Interdependent


Congratulations! Your love has resulted rich and sweet fruits.Upon arrival at this Stage, you know how to get along well with each other. She has become your dearest person in your lifetime. You will begin to create a brand new life belonging to you and her. You two help and make progress together.


If your relationship with your dream Chinese girl goes smoothly, then that is wonderful. But if not, don’t worry. Read this article and you may get a clue to the difficulty lying between you and her so that you can overcome them. If you still have no idea why your relation does not keep going as you expect, follow the web site post, we’ll help you with the problem.


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