My Successful China Date On ChnLove


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My Chinese wife and I

My Chinese wife and I

Name                  Robert

Address              United Kingdom

Chinese Wife      Shi Fenglian


Successful China Date Between Robert And Ms. Shi

My Chinese wife is from Wuhan, China. Her profile ID is P508279. During my Chinese date with her, we have exchanged more than seven hundred letters using the chnlove online dating site. By means of the excellent online dating services we had great communication and had knew each other well. Later, with the help of the Oriental Love Consulting agency we met for the first time. After that our relationship went along nicely. The visa to United Kingdom of my Chinese bride has been prepared. We are looking forward to get together.


My Tips And Advice For Dating Chinese ladies


1 Communication

In many kinds of relationships, communication is the prime thing. It relates to a variety of troubles, issues and concerns with the one you are dating. It must be pointed out that you are from different culture and have different backgrounds. There always exists walls and barriers between you and your dream Chinese girl. How to remove them? The only and the best way is communication. When chatting with your Chinese girlfriend, bear in mind that nobody is perfect. If there is a language problem or other, turn to the staff of chnlove or online dating resources. They had excellent performance in my Chinese date. I am really thankful for chnlove site and the translator and the agency.


2 Care for each other

In the first period, you two can keep in contact by e-mail, love call and other dating services. During this period, often text or email or call your Chinalove girl. You can also send flowers and gifts at special days. In a word, do something to let her know that you are thinking of her and caring for her.


3 Learn something about Chinese culture

After all, if you want to marry a Chinese lady, you are going to live together for a life time. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to learn something about China. The knowledge can help you understand each other more and better your communication. You can spent time together discussing about culture and learning about each other. It is fun.


4 Be nice to Her family and friends

Most Chinese women are family-oriented and the opinions of their relatives have great influence upon their decision. So be kind and nice to them and make them bless your union and your Chinese marriage.

Best wishes for those who are dating Chinese singles on chnlove.


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