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By | March 19, 2013

If you are someone who are seeking a Chinese wife via online dating, you should have known, one of the leading dating sites in China. Since its establishment, ChnLove has successfully helped thousands of its members find their perfect matches in China. This is a strong testimonial to prove that ChnLove is a trusted dating site. Below, let’s join the happiness of the married couples who met on!

ChnLove Success Story-1

We Fell In Love At the First Sight!


ChnLove Success Story-2

I am lucky to meet Selina!

Bjorn and Xie met each other on Chnlove, both of them had good feeling about each other. Bjorn’s maturity and humorous gave Xie great sense of security. Xie was attracted by Bjorn’s every movement and behavior. Bjorn loved Xie very much, she felt happy.

Bjorn and Xie were serious about marriage. They didn’t want to get married as they met at the first time. So Bjorn had been to China for 4 times a whole year. They knew more and better. Love between them is deeper and deeper.

Bjorn took a diamond ring came to Beijing for the fifth time in Dec. 2011, he made a proposal to Xie in the presence of Xie’s family. They got their marriage certificate in the end of Jan. 2012. Xie said she felt that she was the happiest woman in the whole word.

Xiao Mei & Victor

ChnLove Success Story-3

I will forever love you, XiaoMei!

On April 22th the gentleman replied the lady for the first letter. They communicated through Chnlove for 32 mails. After that, they began to contact privately on May 26th 2011. On Aug 26th 2011 the gentleman came to China to meet the lady. They got along with each other very well. The lady applied a travel visa to the US for visiting the gentleman in July 2012. And they got the certificate of marriage on Jul 24th 2012 in America.

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