Your Guide to Date Chinese Girls

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Chinese women are not only sexy and beautiful, but also extremely loyal and great fun to be with. If you’re looking for a wife or girlfriend, you will never be disappointed with dating a Chinese girl. So how do you successfully date a Chinese girl? Here’s some useful information that will guide you in the right direction.

Dating Chinese women via dating sites

There are loads of Chinese dating sites where you can meet some of the hottest Chinese women in the world. Chinese girls love chatting with Western men, so if you sign up to any of the dating sites, you’ll surely be inundated with chat requests from lots of beautiful Chinese women!Worried about the language barrier? You don’t have to! Many Chinese ladies know some English. Chinese women learn English at school and the simple fact is that if you can speak English in China, then you’ll have a much bigger chance of getting a better job! Moreover, dating sites like Chnlove have translators to get your emails to and from your Chinese girl translated, so there are no language barriers at all! One thing to bear in mind when dating single Chinese women online is that Chinese ladies enjoy posting extremely flattering photos of themselves. Many Chinese girls will get their photos professionally retouched. So it’s a good idea to ask for natural rather than studio photos. Normally this isn’t a problem – digital cameras are very common in China.

Cultural differences

Remember, mainland China is still a conservative country, especially in the more central areas like Hunan and Sichuan Provinces. As a matter of fact, many Western men find Chinese wives from these provinces. There are a number of reasons for this, one of them being that the ladies in these provinces are exceptionally beautiful, even by Chinese standards. In addition, the hot and spicy food from these provinces is extremely tasty! But as I mentioned, women from these regions are very conservative and traditional, so you should take it slow and be patient while dating them.Chinese girls are often a little naive, especially if they haven’t travelled to another country. The Internet is changing things, but most Chinese girls tend to be more naive and innocent than their Western counterparts. Don’t confuse naivity with lack of intelligence though. Chinese ladies are generally very well educated and you’ll find that your average Chinese girlfriend is often much smarter than you might expect.

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